Where Donations Are Given

We give back by honoring those whose lives have been impacted by crime such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and oppression, by donating a percentage of sales to an organization that helps these individuals. We honor Women, Men, Two Spirits, Children, LGBTQ+ in their stories.  
     Previous donations have been made to: 


    March & April 2021:
    The Battered Women's Justice Project
    BWJP promotes systemic change within the civil and criminal justice systems to ensure an effective and just response to victims and perpetrators of intimate partner violence (IPV), and the children exposed to this violence.
    Donation amount: $130.00


    February 2021:

    Jewish Federation of Tulsa

    The mission of the Jewish Federation of Tulsa is to preserve and enhance Jewish life and well-being in Eastern Oklahoma, Israel, and the entire world.

    Donation amount: $50.00


    January 2021:


    To honor feminists of color who work to end violence in their communities

    Donation amount: $105.00


    November/December 2020:

    MMIWG2S  Missing and Murdered Indigenous Womxn, Girls, and Two Spirits

    To honor missing and murdered Indigenous Womxn, Girls, and Two Spirits and those families left behind

    Donation amount: $80.00


    September/October 2020:

    End the Backlog

    To honor survivors around the world.

    Donation amount: $50.00


    July/August 2020:

    Okmulgee County Family Resource Center 

    To honor Cindy Kaler, who lost her life to domestic violence in Okmulgee County in June 1994. 

    Donation amount: $136.00