Our Story

As a mother, daughter trio we wanted a business that we could work and grow together, but also one that would give back to those who share a familiar story to our family's story. 

Our name, Seven Sisters Candles, is a way of honoring the seven sisters that were left behind when Stephanie's mom, Cindy, died as a result of domestic violence.

Sisterhood is a bond that can never be broken. The circle of our logo represents a Love that does not end.  The cardinal feather in the center is to honor Cindy and there are seven dots circling the feather, one to represent each sister.  

We give back by honoring those whose lives have been impacted by crime such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and oppression, by donating a percentage of sales to an organization that helps these individuals. We honor Women, Men, Two Spirits, Children, LGBTQ+ in their stories.  

- Stephanie, Zoe, and Grace